Kids these days are a mystery to more than just their parents. The Vatican has recently admitted that it is out of touch with youth culture, and risks losing future generations of Catholics without an improvement to their understanding and connection to young people.

Rome is hosting a three day closed door summit with bloggers, researchers, and theologians to increase their understanding of emerging generations.

The papal team is coming into the discussion looking to learn before teaching:

"Even if youth culture is often marked by individualism, superficiality and hedonism, it contains 'surprising seeds of fruitfulness and authenticity,' the council's president, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, said during a news conference Thursday.
In his effort to understand young people's language and feelings, Ravasi said he listened to a CD by the late British soul-rock singer Amy Winehouse. He found, 'A quest for meaning emerges even from her distraught music and lyrics.'"
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