"About half of Americans say the growing number of 'people who are not religious' is bad for American society. But a similar share say either that this trend is good or that it does not make much difference" says Pew.

Their survey "asked Americans whether having 'more people who are not religious' is a good thing, a bad thing, or doesn't matter for American society. Many more say it is bad than good (48% versus 11%). But about four-in-ten (39%) say it does not make much difference. Even among adults who do not identify with any religion, only about a quarter (24%) say the trend is good, while nearly as many say it is bad (19%); a majority (55%) of the unaffiliated say it does not make much difference for society."

As The Friendly Atheist observed, "You know what that means? Even some Nones think it's a bad thing that more people are Nones."

Leadership Journal's Out of Ur blog has covered the "Nones" regularly in the past. 2012 was (nearly) a flatline year for their growth.

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