At his blog The Exchange, Ed Stetzer says that multi-site churches have become the "new normal."

While in favor of "multi-site done well," Stetzer shares one of his concerns with the multi-site trend:

"… the temptation to not develop other high-level teachers within the church. It is much simpler to create an extension site, put up a screen and project the sermon of an established pastor, than to train, encourage and commission other faithful preachers and leaders. In addition, in some of these churches, planting has been replaced with starting campuses. The attention is drawn away from developing new leaders and pastors, and it is always about one service, one preacher, one weekend, etc."

Stetzer continues:

"An explosion of multisite churches does not worry me—it could be just what we need for campuses to be planted reaching new people—but an explosion ofrock-star pastorswho want their image on more screens absolutely worries me."

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