Sharing in Christ By Sharing Ourselves
By Andrew Root (IVP, 2013)

The Facts: Professor of youth and family ministry at Luther Seminary, Andrew Root, challenges pastors to examine their motivations in creating relationships. Are we seeking relationships to serve others and promote the gospel? Or are we seeking them in order to gain strategic connections and advance our own agendas? As a former Young Life staffer, Root has plenty of experiences to complement his thoughtful biblical engagement. The Relational Pastor will fuel valuable discussion on any leadership team.

The Slant: It is not often you find a work that is so full of practical relational insight, while maintaining theological depth. Root's work doesn't offer anything shockingly novel, but it is a theologically rich call to refocus on the relational side of ministry.—Andrew E. Stoddard

Accidental Pharisees

Avoiding Pride, Exclusivity, and the Other Dangers of Overzealous Faith
By Larry Osborne (Zondervan, 2012)

The Facts: Teaching pastor at North Coast Church, and multisite pioneer, Larry Osborne, walks us through the shadow side of passionate faith. Osborne insists that overzealousness is dangerous. Through historical, biblical, and cultural analysis, Osborne highlights the pitfalls of pride, exclusivity, legalism, nostalgia, uniformity, and gift projection (reading your personal calling onto the lives of others). Osborne moves beyond mere critique by offering a reorienting segment as a part of each topic.

The Slant:Accidental Pharisees is one part education, two parts challenge. Whether you are a seasoned pastor, eager seminarian, or active lay leader, there is something here for you. Osborne gives you room to breathe while pushing you toward a life of humble ...

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