As promised, here are your responses to our request for scary ministry tales.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, in celebration of our real holiday tomorrow!

From K.W. Leslie:

Back in high school, during youth group night, the youth pastor told us about how a young man, someone really close to him, had tragically and accidentally died. And how it really shook his faith. And how he's quite sure he doesn't believe in God anymore.

Pause. The room got really quiet.

"Now, that's something your friends might say..."

Took us a second before we realized he didn't really mean any of it. This was fiction, meant to get our attention. It did indeed do that. But as a kid, it was horrifying that the pastor would just quit God like that. As an adult, it's a lot less surprising.

From Greg Moore:

I was fairly new at music ministry in a growing church in Arizona - growing enough to have Easter service, including a choir cantata, in a rented hall seating a thousand. Rehearsing the soloists, using tapes and "ghetto blasters" was nightmare enough, but as the service started I felt in every pocket of my coat and found – nothing. No background tape for the choir cantata! I had been using it for practices in several different rooms, all of which I scoured in the final two minutes before service. And the piano was against a wall somewhere. The happy throng began to give out praise and song, but sheer terror gripped me as I pretended to happily lead them (along with anger about renting this place, which was only half-filled and awful for music). Where on earth did that tape go to? Finally, it was time to start the musical, so I raised the choir up, still with no idea what to do next. Then my eye caught the tiniest glint of something shiny beneath a stack ...
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