As the U.S. begins to regain its footing after the Great Recession, a key metric—the birth rate—is showing signs of (ahem) new life. (Sorry.)

Pew reports on it here. It's a trend to watch, intersecting as it does multiple social dynamics of interest to Christian leaders.

It's a benchmark for economics:

"There is a strong association between the magnitude of fertility change in 2008 across states and key economic indicators including changes in per capita income, housing prices and share of the working-age population that is employed across states."

And for social demographics:

"The recent decline in births was led by foreign-born women, especially those from Mexico, according to a previous Pew Research analysis. The decrease in fertility was particularly steep among women with a high school diploma or less, as well as younger women. The drop was largest in states hardest hit by the recession, another Pew Research report showed."

Make sure those nursery staff members are ready. New church members may be crawling in soon.

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