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Social media is a powerful tool that can broadcast the best we have to offer or amplify the worst parts of us. But it is also a new kind of "place" where the Word can be made evident. In this way, social media can be used redemptively.

Glenn Packiam is pastor of New Life Downtown in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Glenn Packiam will be speaking at the WFX convention in Dallas in October, expanding on the themes in this article. www.WFXweb.com/2013

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From Issue:e-ministry, Summer 2013 | Posted: July 17, 2013

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Kim Stilson

September 18, 2013  5:52pm

Thanks so much for your insight! I recently fasted and am still in process.. am a pastor, found I was pondering over my 600 friends and realized that some of these Ive never had a real conversation with, they are friends of friends, and I met at conferences. but, feel an overwhelming need to encourage people as they cry out for loved ones. so, to make matters worse, I try to say not to much, not what others have already said, and I'm endlessly pondering to make a difference in some one's world .. mean while, it dawned on me how many real friends I've been overlooking, no longer time to chat, due, to keeping up with fb, and by the way I already know what's going on in your world, saves me the trouble. I woke up and felt like slamming the phone to pieces, that's when the fast began, also, I realized there where people in my own congregation I needed to follow up on personally! It's too easy to escape from being available.. I know it is a good resource,I might be back? I don't miss it yet

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Marshall Shelley

September 16, 2013  11:25am

This is one of the most honest and insightful descriptions of the "life with Twitter" that I've read. Thanks for helping us navigate this world with both passion and discernment, Glenn. Well done.

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