Senior pastors are disappearing. So are "associate" and "assistant pastors." Scan church bulletins or church websites and you'll see that a crop of "Lead Elders" and "Community Servants" have sprouted in their place. Not all of the new titles are so modest. You're also apt to spot "Lead Visionaries" or even "Cultural Architects."

If these new titles are any indication, people are rethinking the pastoral role. We figured it was time to join the fun. So we asked our readers what other titles might be apt. Suggestions ranged from the serious to the silly, and we've printed a few that caught our eye. We hope these novel monikers help you think about church leadership in fresh ways, and make you laugh a little, too.

Sheep Dog

Jesus is the shepherd, but he uses pastors to keep his sheep in line. "Sheep Dogs" may be a little mangy, but they have an important role.—Ginger


The pastor is the one to teach the congregation the biblical language that most no longer possess. Not "Christianese," the words, metaphors, and concepts from the Scripture that describe our life in Christ.—David Swanson

Meaning Monger

Pastors frame the truth for people. Their words communicate and create meaning. In a culture that's big on frivolous entertainment and short on wisdom, creating meaning is what we need church leaders to do.—Jenni Ho-Huan

Bride groomer

All brides are beautiful, as the old expression goes. But they need all the primping they can get to look their best for the big day. The bride of Christ definitely needs a makeover. And God is using pastors to make her beautiful.—Matt Farlow

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