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April Online Only 2014

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One Pastor to Another

One Pastor to Another

How well will you bridge your church's past with its future?
Pastoral Envy

Pastoral Envy

Dear Lord, please give me a mega ministry when I burn out.
I Found My Heart When I Lost My Way

I Found My Heart When I Lost My Way

How my inner crisis led to new life in my leadership.
Screen Saver

Screen Saver

When our church went multi-site, video venue helped us transition to live preaching.
Biodynamics of the Kingdom

Biodynamics of the Kingdom

Diversity strengthens the vine and the branches.
5 Signs Your Leadership Has Quit On You

5 Signs Your Leadership Has Quit On You

How to know when you're losing credibility.
Ministry and the Chains of Insecurity

Ministry and the Chains of InsecuritySubscriber Access Only

Finding freedom from your bondage to being liked.
Delight in Disorder

Delight in DisorderSubscriber Access Only

My journey with bipolar disorder.
Reader's Pick
The Prayer-Centered Church

The Prayer-Centered ChurchSubscriber Access Only

What it takes to lead a prayerful community.
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Leading a Women's Ministry TeamBuilding Church Leaders

Leading a Women's Ministry Team