Barna's annual survey in partnership with the American Bible Society just released 6 scripture-related trends for this year.

Be sure to read the full summary. (It has infographics! Everyone loves infographics.)

Without further ado, here are 6 trends that will impact your congregation this year:

  1. Bible skepticism is now "tied" with Bible engagement.
    "This year's research reveals that skepticism toward the Bible continues to rise. For the first time since tracking began, Bible skepticism is tied with Bible engagement."
  2. Despite the declines, most Americans continue to be "pro-Bible."
  3. Distraction and busyness continue to squeeze out the Bible.
  4. The age of screens has come to stay in the Bible market. "One antidote to the distraction of the screen age is to put the Bible onscreen. And this past year certainly saw the Bible come to more screens than ever—from smartphone apps to primetime TV—and Americans responded. Of adults who increased their Bible readership last year, one-quarter (26%) say it was due to having downloaded the Bible onto their smartphone or tablet."
  5. Increasingly, people come to the Bible for answers or comfort.
  6. People are less likely to link moral decline with a lack of Bible reading.
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