Fighting "sport" Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and faith have been sharing a lot of sentences recently. The most recent issue of Christianity Today included an article titled "Ultimate Fighting and Ultimate Ethics," which, brilliantly and from an industry insider, focuses on the morality of watching combat sports.

But the trend to our generation's version of bloodsport goes beyond viewing to participation for some pastors. The Christian Post also recently covered a documentary entitled Fight Church—a documentary tracing "pastors who battle each other" (physically, not theologically).

The film.

" … examines the relationship between MMA and Christianity. [It] follows pastors who face each other in the cage, and also presents critiques from those who don't believe the organized violence has a place in the Church."

Finally, on a different side of the "fight church" oddness, Joel Watts posted his cryptic (and hopefully satirical) "Rules of Fight Church." (A nod, of course to Chuck Palahniuk's postmodern punchstravaganza novel Fight Club, and the associated film). Watts' first rule:

"You don't talk about fight church. You argue, debate, threaten to and in some cases leave, but you do not talk."

Ok, then, macho men. We'll stop talking about it.

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