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August 2014: Attender or Member?

volume 35, Issue 8

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From The Editor

Does Membership Matter?

Does Membership Matter?

Encouraging a deeper commitment


What Do You Expect?

What Do You Expect?Subscriber Access Only

If you set the bar low for church membership, don't be surprised when people fail to commit.
Beyond a Club

Beyond a ClubSubscriber Access Only

We needed a model of church membership that truly shaped the way we lived.
A Metric that Matters

A Metric that Matters

Why we've stopped counting members and started tracking "active attenders."


A More Beautiful Bible

A More Beautiful BibleSubscriber Access Only

And other items of interest from ministry and culture.


Pastor, Church, & Law Volume 2

Pastor, Church, & Law Volume 2Subscriber Access Only

And more helpful tools from Christianity Today
PK Confidential

PK ConfidentialSubscriber Access Only

A review of 'The Pastor's Kid' by Barnabas Piper
Editor's Pick
5 Good Ways to Welcome Strangers

5 Good Ways to Welcome Strangers

It’s not illegal to care for immigrants, whatever their status.
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