According to NBC, David Wise, an Olympic gold medalist in Sochi this year, is living an "alternative lifestyle." Why? Because at 23 he has a wife, (Alexandra), and a 2 year-old daughter, Nayeli. NBC calls Wise, a Christian, "mature beyond his years" and "an adult."

This choice of words highlight cultural expectations for 20-somethings, and the ever-changing marker of exactly when adulthood happens. At 23 David technically is an adult, and has been so for five years, but NBC seems surprised to call him that. What is the gauge for maturity and adulthood? Has stretching childhood to 26 really had that much of an impact on us as a culture to see a grown-man who has a direction in life has an "alternative lifestyle?" Why is it so surprising that a young adult decided to get married and have a child?

Yahoo! Sports seems to have published an "alternative" article to the NBC article. Although they call his life "wildly uncool," they do so in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Yahoo! Sports credits Wise's success to his marriage, daughter, and maturity.

What adds more to this story is a story written by Mike Wise, who is a relative of David's in the Washington Post. Here Mike reveals that it wasn't until David had his daughter, Nayeli, that things finally started clicking for him as an athlete.

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