In a pre-Christmas survey, Pew asked people what they liked least about Christmas:

The three top responses all involve shopping or money: a third of Americans (33%) say they dislike the commercialism or materialism of the holidays; roughly one-in-five (22%) cite the high expenses of the season or the expectation of buying gifts; and one-in-ten (10%) mention shopping or crowded stores.

So ho-ho-how much did we spend on Christmas this year? An average of 740.00 for the holiday, according to Pew. Less than past years for sure—but enough to have Americans feeling a little Grinch-y after the holidays.

Most of us can relate. Hopefully we can relate too with the positive side of things—when asked what they liked most:

A majority (69%) say they look forward to spending time with family and friends. A smaller number say they look forward to the religious elements of the holiday (11%). By comparison, 4% cite giving or exchanging gifts, and 1% mention shopping.
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