While Holy Writ has long fueled filmmakers' imaginations (anyone remember Charlton Heston as Moses?) today's Christian culture of mega-sized ministry has helped make pastors—especially large-church pastors—the apple of the Hollywood eye. Hollywood has two major films on biblical characters (Mary and Noah) coming up in 2014, and the trend is likely to continue.

According to The Telegraph:

Studio executives who have spent the past few years releasing superhero and zombie films have, it seems, had an epiphany. Now their new best friends are evangelical pastors whose endorsements they actively seek, even inviting them on to sets during production. Pastors in turn play clips from films of which they approve to 10,000-strong congregations on 40ft wide movie screens.
Larry Ross, who has handled publicity for Christian groups and leaders including Rick Warren and Billy Graham, said "no pastor goes to seminary in order to market movies" but if the movie "proves edifying to their congregation, if it builds their faith", they would recommend it.

Is this a cultural boon or bane? We at Leadership Journal, committed though we are to cultural engagement and renewal, aren't enthused. For past opinion on this, revisit Skye Jethani's excellent "Man of Steel in the Den of Thieves."

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