It's a veritable declaration of Independents! (Thanks for the courtesy chuckle.)

But seriously, recent numbers from Gallup indicate that American voters, long divided between the liberal/conservative positions of the Democratic and Republican parties, increasingly see themselves in the middle of the two. An unprecedented percentage of voters identify as Independents:

Forty-two percent of Americans, on average, identified as political independents in 2013, the highest Gallup has measured since it began conducting interviews by telephone 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Republican identification fell to 25%, the lowest over that time span. At 31%, Democratic identification is unchanged from the last four years but down from 36% in 2008.

The growth has mostly come at the expense of the Republican party, though recent problems including the government shutdown and the problematic rollout of the Affordable Care Act coincide with slight Democratic losses in favor of the Independents.

However you parse the numbers, you can be sure that your congregation is far more than just a simple patchwork of party-line voters. How will you respond to understand and serve them?

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