Do social justice efforts sap energy or motivation from proclaiming the gospel? Though that's been an often repeated objection to evangelical emphasis on common good concerns, a recent study from Barna answers with an emphatic "no."

Barna's David Kinnaman sees strong signs of life in contemporary attitudes toward evangelism, especially among Millennials, who are often negatively stereotyped as passive about vocalizing their faith. But in fact, the percentage of Millennials committed to sharing their faith is significantly higher than previous generations—Boomers, Busters, or Elders.

From Barna:

Many excellent views on evangelism trends here. It's clear that sharing the faith is not going "out of style."

Leadership Journal regularly reports on generational dynamics and Millennials. Be sure to catch Paul Pastor's recent interview with pastor Rick Dunn on how to empower Millennials for ministry in your church.

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