As tens of millions of people celebrate the life and prophetic message of pastor Martin Luther King Jr. today, the honored preacher's attributed saying that "Sunday mornings are the most segregated hour in America" is still sadly true.

New LifeWay research indicates that while 85% of senior pastors and 78% of Americans at large believe that "every church should strive for racial diversity," things look different when you actually lift the roof off our congregations.

Only 13% of Protestant senior pastors say that they have "more than one predominant racial or ethnic group in their congregation." And only 51% of Americans say that they'd be "most comfortable" visiting an ethnically diverse church.

Leadership Journal is committed to racial reconciliation and vibrant congregational diversity. And we understand the practical difficulties in living that vision. Be sure to read "Practical Wisdom for Multiethnic Ministry," from Chicagoland pastor Kevin Gushiken, and "Unity in Diversity," an interview with Gushiken by our associate editor Paul Pastor. And stay tuned for more on this topic in 2014.

AND: Don't miss this exclusive, previously unpublished sermon by Martin Luther King Jr. "Guidelines for a Constructive Church," for free at

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