How much do you like your church's logo? Enough to make it a permanent part of your body? About a dozen member of Lutheran church theCross in Mt. Dora, Florida do. And better yet, the church is footing the bill.

Zach Zehnder, their pastor, preached one Sunday on the stereotypical cultural dividers that separate the church from the world—including tattoos. In an offhand comment during the sermon, Zehnder said, "I'm so not against tattoos that if anybody out there wants to get one [of theCross's logo], the church would find money for it."

So far more than a dozen people have taken him up on his offer.

The New York Daily News observes:

"Zehnder says he understands the controversy surrounding the tattoos, but argues that these rules can cause unwanted divisions among Christians. He says he's heard from many people who have been shunned by other churches because they have tattoos." His conclusion, "In the end, it's all about the cross, where Jesus was pierced permanently for our sins."
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