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Tony Kriz is a writer and church leader from Portland, Oregon, and Author in Residence at Warner Pacific College.

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Posted: March 18, 2014

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Marshall Shelley

March 19, 2014  11:39am

Thoughtful material, Tony. It seems that this leads us to constant self-monitoring of how (we think) we are being received. Must I really be always self-aware? Can I not allow myself to be so enraptured by the subject, by the Scripture, by the truths I'm trying to present, that I am un-self-conscious? (Or do people not think that's possible anymore?) Anyway, that's my response to these "layers of personal authenticity."

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joseph anfuso

March 18, 2014  12:40pm

I'm most susceptible to the "vulnerable straw man" approach. Sharing truths that in times past have provided a degree of victory over personal struggles/demons is fine. But giving the impression that you've totally overcome these struggles--i.e. that you've "arrived"--is unauthentic. Good insights, Tony.

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March 18, 2014  11:23am

Nice article, really speaks to the responsibility teachers and speakers must constantly be aware of and I think helps those who do not teach understand the cost these men and women have willfully taken on. These acts of communication seem to require a constant evaluation of personal motives and "actual"goals. The demons of our self-aggrandizement must be kept at bay by prayer, self-reflection, and involvement in communities of virtue. I suspect we should also ask ourselves whether we are mere sophists, or "true" philosophers and attempt to cull the artificial techniques from our presentations...or perhaps even question the current mediums through which we try to teach. Very thought provoking article.

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