Never has it been easier to access information. But that also creates a glut of misinformation. We want a trustworthy perspective on hot button issues, but who has the time to sort through all the data?

To provide such a broad yet informative overview, the Barna Group, with its vast stores of public opinion research, has developed a series of booklets called Frames. These booklets address our need for well-researched information in an easily-digestible form. Each Frame provides a framework (get it?) for approaching unwieldy topics ranging from what to do about our failing public schools (Schools in Crisis) to guidance for women seeking to balance career and home life without losing their identity (Wonder Women) to why the church still matters in the wake of declining membership (Sacred Roots).

Each pocket-sized edition is about a hundred pages long and includes lots of infographics. The Frames read like briefs: structured to quickly orient the reader to the topic, the research surrounding it, analysis from some of the key players, and some potential responses.

Frames follow a uniform structure:

Infographics. Each Frame begins with a section of vividly-designed, detailed infographics. These snapshots of public opinion in an easy-to-interpret format provide a helpful context for the topic.

Framework. The selected topic is introduced with a bird's-eye view drawing on Barna's analysis. If you're strapped for time, this section alone gets you up to speed on the conversation and research surrounding the topic.

Frame. The main portion of the Frame is an extended essay by a trusted voice. For instance, David H. Kim, who works with twentysomethings at Redeemer Church in New York City, provides an insightful snapshot ...

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