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Making a Good Transition

Make transition a positive experience for your ministry.

You don't always have control over when people come and go, but you do have a responsibility to make the most of these times of transition. Making a Good Transition is a downloadable resource from BuildingChurchLeaders.com that will help you and your leaders prepare your church or ministry to recognize when it's time for change, to say good-bye well, to search for and train new leaders, to renew trust and joy after painful transitions, and to use transitions as opportunities to grow.

Are We Ready for Change?

How do you know if your church is ready for change, or if it needs it?

This collection of assessments from ChurchLawAndTax.com helps you and your leaders make these decisions. Use these tools to figure out if your church needs change, if you're ready for it, how to present it, and how to make it happen. You can also think through and identify any risk factors you may face in the change process. Visit ChurchLawAndTaxStore.com.

Times of Transition

Is it time to move?

Whether you're in a place where you know that you need to transition, or if you're just starting to wonder if it might be time for you to move on, this packet will help. It's full of wonderful articles that will not only help you discern where you need to be but give you courage to take those next steps. Visit TodaysChristianWoman.com.

Big Shoes to Fill

When you're stepping into someone else's Size 13s

Whether it's a new pastorate or just a new role, preachers sometimes face profound times of change. In this PreachingToday.com interview, Lawrence Aker III shares his experience of transitioning into a new role at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. Lawrence had to fill some huge shoes—two dearly loved, exceptional preachers who had long pastorates at Cornerstone. Lawrence shares how he handled his own transition, honored his predecessors, and helped his church transition into a new season under his leadership.

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Posted: March 5, 2014

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