In a recent Christian Post article, Richard Land comments on the rise of nomophobia—"The fear of not having, or losing, your smartphones." According to recent research, "at least 40% of Americans (and 90% of under 30 Millennials) are afflicted with it. According to Land, these statistics:

"[R]eveal the extent to which technology is changing our personal lives. When people don't have their smartphones, they feel disconnected and isolated (72% of people report being within five feet of their smartphone the majority of the time)."

Land notes the irony here:

"[U]sing smartphones to such an obsessive extent (checking them up to at least 100 times a day) leads to less personal relationship with others and vitiates the real, human face-to-face interactions in their lives … .
"We must sound the warning that our technical devices can become masters—idols if you wish—rather than servants. And they can increase personal and social dislocation and isolation. We must bring every thought captive to Christ (2 Cor. 10: 5) and that includes smart phones-useful and helpful tools, but never masters of our time and attention. That role belongs to Jesus alone."
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