As a leader, the women and men that you serve spend a dramatic percentage of their lives in their places of employment. But how does that relate to ministry, Christian calling, and the gospel?

The recent resurgence of Christian interest in vocation has brought attention to this often undervalued element of church and community life. (It's even the driving conversation behind Leadership Journal's series of live events, which, by the way, you should plan to attend.) But sometimes the translation from theology to praxis in this area isn't straightforward.

A powerful resource for church leaders, the just-launched site offers a host of resources for pastors and workplace Christians to understand the holiness of vocation and connect work richly to the life of faith. Be sure to go with a church member—or yourself—in mind, to find expression and encouragement for the goodness of our diverse callings. It will give you food for thought, and some practical inspiration for implementing this into your discipleship and church life. The powerful search feature will help you find content that's relevant for your context.

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