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September Web Exclusives 2014

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From The Editor

The Gift of Gender

The Gift of Gender

It takes both men and women to fully reflect God's image.


Permission to Lead

Permission to Lead

Realizing I couldn't do it all changed my approach to recruiting leaders.
Where Are the Women?

Where Are the Women?

How a guest's observation inspired me to develop more women leaders.
Sharing the Stage

Sharing the Stage

A husband and wife reflect on the challenges and rewards of pastoring together.

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The Boys in the Boat

The Boys in the Boat

What the story of a rowing team can teach us about effective ministry.
Why I Gave Back My Assurance of Salvation

Why I Gave Back My Assurance of Salvation

The hope of the world is in a person, not a formula.
Easy on the Ears?

Easy on the Ears?

No More Spectators

No More SpectatorsSubscriber Access Only

Equipping everyone to fulfill the Great Commission.
Preventing Suicide

Preventing SuicideSubscriber Access Only

An interview with Karen Mason

Lou Huesmann: Changing the Scorecard

How one pastor is learning to steward Christian vocation.
The Grassroots Pastor

The Grassroots PastorSubscriber Access Only

Do you need a flock to shepherd souls?
My Struggle with Anxiety

My Struggle with AnxietySubscriber Access Only

Fear no longer defines me.

Andy Crouch: The Definition of Culture

Culture is the fruit of the human quest for meaning in the world.

Andy Crouch: The Missing Chapters

How Genesis 1-2 and Revelation 21-22 are vital to understanding the relationship between work and culture.

Andy Crouch: Image-bearing Leads to Flourishing

The world that God creates is filled with potential, and it is waiting for image-bearing.

Andy Crouch: Authority and Vulnerability

Ideal image-bearing is a balance of authority and vulnerability.

Andy Crouch: All Flourishing Requires Risk

Are you an image bearer, or are you in poverty, safety or idolatry?

Andy Crouch: How Will the Image Be Restored?

Restoring the image requires Christians to engage with and create culture.

Tom Nelson: A Robust Theology That Informs Work

We must understand the centrality of a robust theology that informs our lives and vocations.

Tom Nelson: Beginning with Vocation

We have an integral God who is an integral worker.

Tom Nelson: The Biblical Definition of Work

"Vocation is at the heart of it."

Tom Nelson: The Hidden Years of Jesus

From age 12 to 30, Jesus spent time in a carpenter shop. What does that mean for us?

Tom Nelson: Liturgy That Affirms Work

What does Sunday liturgy look like when it celebrates vocation?

Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Theology of Work

Why don't more churches proclaim a theology that celebrates vocation?

Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Leading Upward

How can people who are not pastors lead upward?

Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Discipleship Geared Toward College Students

What do discipleship pathways look like for college campuses and students?

Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Theology of Suffering

It's easy to make work matter when we love our jobs. What if we hate them?

Andy Crouch: What Is Art?

Even though the artful aspects of human life are useless, they are essential.

Andy Crouch: Contemplating or Exploiting

If you get art right, you'll get all of culture right.

Andy Crouch: The Honesty of Artists

The practice of any vocation at the highest level requires honesty.

Sara Groves: The Contemplative Work of the Artist

Spiritual insight comes the same way that creative insight does.

Sara Groves: Becoming Obsolete?

No matter what happens, our Maker sees us.

Tom Nelson: Q & A - Honoring the Sabbath

Amid the discussion of redeeming work, how do we talk about rest?
That Mysterious Gospel

That Mysterious GospelSubscriber Access Only

Studying Acts changed my view of sharing the good news.

Ayinde Russell: Spoken Word Piece Challenging the Pastoral/Layperson Divide

A critique on the separation of the ordained vs. nonordained roles that have become norm for the church.
A Holy Experiment

A Holy Experiment

Aaron Niequist and Steve Carter discuss launching a new initiative at Willow Creek.
It's All in Your Head

It's All in Your HeadSubscriber Access Only

Scripture places emormous emphasis on the renewal of our minds.
The Ministry of Small Talk

The Ministry of Small Talk

What we talk about while we're preparing the way for Jesus to join the conversation.
The Wandering Gospel

The Wandering GospelSubscriber Access Only

A reflection on the universal beauty of the body of Christ.
Not in Her Right Mind

Not in Her Right Mind

How one church responded to an unexpected encounter with mental illness.
Reader's Pick
Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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