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Jeri Bidinger

October 03, 2013  6:19am

All true, and evidence of our preference for charismatic and extroverted leaders. I especially appreciated, though, the not-so-often-noticed tendency to treat "ministry" as church work under the auspices of pastor/church staff. Or becoming a "missionary." As expatriate professionals who have long lived in "closed" countries, it took a good long season of prayer over various opportunities to lead us to the understanding that we are full-time Christians placed by God exactly where He wants to use us. And to stop being stymied by those in "full-time ministry" who don't seem to get that or to value it. Thank you for stating it plainly.

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Dwight Lehman

October 01, 2013  12:42pm

Yes...I agree with Marshall...been there, done that!

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Marshall Shelley

October 01, 2013  9:46am

Oof. Busted! I've used several of these substances. But I don't want to ...

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Displaying 1–3 of 3 comments.

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