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Robb Wood

May 24, 2014  8:07am

I like the article. There are very few gifted preachers who can keep my attention. I am 45.

Robb Wood

May 24, 2014  7:59am

It takes a person who is secure ìn their relationship with God to write knowing their brothers and sisters wìll disagree and even accuse. I don't know why we Christians are quick to shoot and lack tactfullness. I wish we had more confidence/determination in our relationship with Christ like we have in our expression of faith.


May 13, 2014  10:12pm

Excellent point, think you.

Ron Sheveland

May 13, 2014  4:07pm

Skye's presupposition is "The error pastors make is assuming the Sunday sermon is primarily for teaching content rather than inspiring devotion." You must embrace that concept for this article to have value. If you, like I, believe that a good sermon is a good blend of both instruction and inspiration, more time is usually required. Perhaps the biblical illiteracy that is found in many churches is because too many preachers have shifted into giving these little devotionals that are aimed more at the heart than the mind.

Bill Mullen

May 13, 2014  12:37pm

Good preaching should not be limited by TV conditioned attention spans. If your congregation does not comeprepared to be bathed in God's word, you may need to preach on that or stop preaching soft,luke warm, social gospel sermons.

Displaying 1–5 of 6 comments.

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