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Matt Pooley

June 10, 2014  2:29pm

I am a young pastor, and as an associate I only preach occasionally. But after a recent sermon, I began thinking about this very concept for my own growth. Then this article appeared in my LJ e-mail. Very timely, and filled with principles and practical ideas for me to mull over as I pray about trying something similar. Thank you for your contribution that is so personally timely for me!


June 05, 2014  9:19am

I like the balance of the team mentioned. I think it is important to utilize those who can do sound exegesis as well as those who are "good with words". Without sound exegesis, the team may be tempted to stuff out of context verses into their big idea for sermon. I have served on teams that would search the internet for big ideas and bible gateway for verses to support it. This is not being led by the Spirit. But this article describes a wise sensible approach. It encourages me.

Roger Walter

June 03, 2014  7:57am

Great article. I wrote my dissertation on this very subject: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k5z04njqofo4w0q/Walter%20Dissertation%201.3%20FIN AL%202013-02-28.pdf You given people a great starting point. Thanks for adding to the pool of meaning.

Displaying 1–3 of 3 comments.

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