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February 21, 2013  1:29pm

It saddens me that the Protestant theology of sola scriptura often turns into "I decide what is right and what is wrong." I admit I left Protestantism for Eastern Orthodoxy because, generally, a lot of Protestants believe they are the Pope and anyone who disagrees with their views/theology is a heretic; I saw this in myself and it disgusted me. I had to realize one day that cynicism, pride, and fear weren't the marks of Jesus and the early followers, rather love, worship, and service to others was. If you find yourself criticizing this gentle woman who has given her whole live to loving others in Christ's name, you're likely at a very sad place in life.

Shane Anderson

February 21, 2013  9:49am

I continue to be amazed at what evangelicals accept as Christian. There is nothing Christian in the piety this person expressed, except her care for the poor. Unfortunately, it appears she has done the same as her spirit-guide, Mother Theresa, and is not pointing people to Jesus Christ and life in Him as it is given in the Bible. One would search the Bible in vain to find a spirituality like hers, where we look inside for inspiration, boast in visions, engage in asceticism, and revel in a wisdom-so-called rather than the simple gospel of Christ!

A copt from Egypt

October 08, 2012  5:50pm

Before going on all these discussions. I will give you a glimpse of what she is saying. What she said about silence is a saying of one of the what we call desert fathers, they are monks or nuns left everything and went to the desert for solitude and to taste the life of heaven on earth. Mama Maggie expressed her experience as she is following those fathers path. About dreams and visions – there is heaps of them in the Bible. Angels and God himself talks to his Saints. So many of those poor Egyptians suffering for the word of Christ are blessed by God miracles through his Saints and 2 years ago we had an appearance of Saint Mary on one of the churches and watched by thousands. Don’t judge others please. Copts are desendents of thousands of Martyrs for more than 20 centuries and they have been killed to preserve their orthodox faith untouched for years. 1000s Monks and nuns and similar to Mama Maggie are still existing there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Cyril_VI_of_Alexandria

James Gleghorn

October 08, 2012  6:53am

Wow! I am very suprised by the tenor of some of the comments. Here is a wonderful Christian lady who is speaking in her 2nd or 3rd language having her speech parsed to judge her. I have met Mama Maggie and I have served with her in the dumps in Egypt and I can personally attest to work she is doing in Christ's name and for her sake. She gave up her life and totally surrendered it to Christ to serve the least of these and yet we are quick to judge a statement (in her non-native tongue) versus looking at the fruit of her work and lives that have been changed by the thousands by coming to know Christ as Lord and Savior. Keep parsing, while she is the hands and feet...

G. Fisher

June 22, 2012  6:09am

Deceased Mother Theresa comes to her in dreams? Yikes, Didn;t we used to call this necromancy or spiritism? Were in the world has the church gone. This is downright frightening. Who is next Sylvia Browne? God help us all.

Displaying 1–5 of 12 comments.

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