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Rev. Reginald Gabel

September 11, 2013  8:59am

So often I hear that "young people leaving the church" is a new thing, just started in our generation. When my wife's grand father died a few years ago I was given his sermons from over 50 years of preaching. As I went through them I was amazed at the information and topics. One I pulled out and set to all of my pastor friends. The title, "Our Youth are Leaving the Church". He talked about how if the withdrawal of young people did not stop, the church would be dead in 50 years. He gave number and ages of what he saw. He blamed music, drinking, drugs and the addiction of the culture to sex. As I read on I realized that we too, as he did, look at just our own generation to often, thinking we are the only one going through these issues.... His sermon was dated March of 1943. 70 years ago... just a thought... our enemy is the same as his was, Satan. Greed, sex, power, lust hit every generation and when you look deep in the soul, the only answer is a relationship with Christ.

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April 30, 2013  9:12pm

Dirk - you're talking about keeping kids in church like it's some sort of prison. This article is not just for those 'raised' at church. What about those kids who attend from non-churched backgrounds? Your plan will never attract nor reach them. If the church is only planning on surviving by trapping kids in the church, then the church is doomed.

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April 16, 2013  1:01pm

In response to Dirk.... really, are you serious? So how are we the salt and light if we avoid the world? I hear what you are saying but I do not think the gospel calls us to cloister ourselves and lock up our children. We create an us vs. them environment and from all I understand of the Bible it would seem that Jesus came to redeem everything .... to include people in the world through interacting with Jesus followers. We are to have life and that life more abundantly.... the world was created for us to use and be pleased with it. I think parents can raise Christian kids that will continue in their walk with the Lord without putting a blindfold on them and tying them to a chair.

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February 27, 2013  5:22am

The reason young people leave the church is because they are raised with worldly standards and not biblical standards. If you raise the kids to be of the world, they will be. Bring back a biblical lifestyle of separation from the world in dress (head coverings, long modest dresses on woman and long pant, collared shirt on men), lifestyle changes of no socializing with the heathen secular world, no professional sports to be played or watched, no worldly entertainment permitted like TV's in the home, no attending movies or theater, no subscriptions to worldly magazines, no memberships in secular organizations, etc. and perhaps modern worldly churches will retain over 85% of their youth in the same way the ultra-conservative Christian churches do. Yes Christian, if you want to keep your kids in the church, you first have to be of Christ and not of the world. Being of Christ means shunning the ways and delights of the world. For they are of the lusts of the flesh, the lust of the eyes.


February 12, 2013  8:29am

its true that youngsters get bored to go to church but because of this anti christ say that they are true religion jesus said i am giving u freedom because u r my children feedom doesnt mean that we have to leave christ and follow the satan and it is our duty to follow christ

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Displaying 1–5 of 25 comments.

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