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July 25, 2013  12:53pm

People should read the book before commenting on it. As a guy, I found a lot of Murrow's revelations consistent with my own. It was nice to have someone put into words what I felt. (NO, he does not insult anyone. If you guys read the book, you would notice that Dave addresses the generalities. No one gets insulted.)

B Koehler

May 03, 2013  7:49am

As a woman, I find these kind of descriptions of how the church needs to change for men a little bizarre. Because I also find sermons boring. I also would like some kind of tangible service in the church (and no, setting out the coffee and donuts doesn't count--building a house for a family in need would). And yes, i also don't like physical contact with people thqt i'm not close to, which is mostly everyone who's not a member of my family. Yes,, there are things in the church that need to change. But they don't need to change for men. They need to change for all people.


April 16, 2013  6:42pm

Interesting article and more so I am confused that it is under the missional section of Leadership Journal. Sounds like we are trying to attract men to church then keep them. Hmmm, so what are they there for in the first place? More importantly why are we concerned whether our program is working? Do we sell a service? Perhaps....and this is a long shot...maybe we are doing church wrong in the first place. Ever wonder what it would be like if everyone participated in church?


February 21, 2013  11:46am

All I ever wanted in a church was to bow my head and worship God quietly in my seat, confess my sins to Him and have a men's Bible study and prayer time to grow spiritually in. I don't need endless choruses or hymns, just a quiet time to study and meditate on His word as it's being preached or taught. And I can't stand tearful men.

Jake T

February 01, 2013  12:46pm

Ugh. I found this guy's original book to be extremely insulting--he has a preconcieved notion of what "manliness" is and if you don't fit into it, you're a girly wanna be who probably deserves to be made fun of and picked last on the playground. I've never come closer to throwing a book across the room mid-paragraph. Funny how Jesus taught that the last should be first. Somehow that just doesn't come up very much. Mostly because "men" wouldn't like the idea.

Displaying 1–5 of 85 comments.

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