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Steve Shane Lester

December 20, 2014  12:24pm

I cracked up reading this. Then I read them to my wife and she cracked up. We could relate to every single one. Wow. However, I do have a couple of people who are really great commentators, and I look forward to hearing from them every time they approach me. It makes up for the comments I hate.

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Sharla Hulsey

April 16, 2014  10:45am

I have an elderly gentleman in my church who calls me "Sweetheart" and tells me, "You get better looking every time I see you." My usual response is, "Thanks... so do you!"

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John Breon

April 15, 2014  10:33pm

As an associate pastor, one of my duties was singles' volleyball. A man from that group came once to a Bible study I led. After the class, he said to me, "After seeing you play volleyball, I'm surprised you know so much about the Bible."

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April 15, 2014  7:18pm

I shall add another it is "You have Not".....followed by: Called me when I missed church (But you posted pictures on Facebook of you and your family enjoying the beach 3 Sundays in a row) or I missed church, but the pastor did not follow up with me (well this is your habit and beside the last 10 times I did call and got voicemail, you did not return my message and you have not responded to the last 6 invites to fellowship with us at the various gatherings we have had.

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Warren Baldwin

October 23, 2013  4:14pm

Ruga Ruga Ruga. They probably mean, "Very, very good!" I have a few insightful members who when they comment will say something like, "I appreciate the point you made about ..." They know a comment of substance is not just saying, "I liked that," but is about letting you know how the sermon resonated with their heart, mind, place in life or relationship with God.

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Displaying 1–5 of 53 comments.

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