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Are Pastors Prepared to Die? Well …

A recent LifeWay study of Southern Baptist pastors showed that estate planning was not among the group's spiritual gifts. Christianity Today's Melissa Steffan reports that "a majority of SBC pastors hold incorrect beliefs regarding estate issues, and 37 percent 'do not have a trust, will, living will, electronic will, legacy story, or durable power of attorney with health care directives.'"

On the church level, LifeWay also found that 9 out of 10 SBC churches don't cover estate planning issues with their congregants.

Of course, the lack of preparedness is undoubtedly wider than the SBC. Similar numbers would likely emerge for many other organizations. Perhaps this is a good time to review your own final checklist?

Says Warren Peek, president of the Southern Baptist Foundation:

"Pastors know they can't take it with them when they die, but estate planning is really about good stewardship for your family. Basic planning saves a lot of headaches and ensures that assets are not lost."