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Failing Them Softly
Leadership Journal

Failing Them SoftlySubscriber Access Only

Disappointing people's expectations is inevitable. Just do it at a rate they can tolerate.

Ur Video: Alan Hirsch on Mission & Incarnation

"We plant the Gospel not the church."
Among the Successful Failures
Leadership Journal : Online Only

Among the Successful Failures

Two very different ministry conferences showed me one hidden truth.
Leadership Journal

Seeing the WaterSubscriber Access Only

A review of Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship by Alan Hirsch and Debra Hirsch
Leadership Journal

The Golden CanonSubscriber Access Only

2010 Leadership Book Awards
Must-Reads from Alan Hirsch

Our editors have compiled our best from this contributor from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

Alan Hirsch

Three Over-looked Leadership Roles

We're familiar with pastors and teachers, but today's world needs a leadership team that includes three biblical but forgotten functions.
Our ministry landscape has plenty of teachers and shepherds but too few apostles, prophets, and evangelists.

Defining Missional

The word is everywhere, but where did it come from and what does it really mean?
What it means to be "missional," and why it's so important.

Back to Square OneSubscriber Access Only

A review of Re:Jesus by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch
Ever wonder if Jesus really is central to your church's mission and identity? This review of ReJesus identifies ways the book challenges churches to reevaluate everything.
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Reader's Pick
The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill

The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill

What can we learn from the collapse of Mark Driscoll's church?
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