Andy Stanley

Founder, North Point Ministries

Andy Stanley

Andy is the founder of Atlanta-based North Point Ministries, comprised of six churches in the Atlanta area and a network of 30 churches around the globe, collectively serving over 60,000 people weekly.

He is the author of 20-plus books, including Enemies of the Heart; When Work & Family Collide, Visioneering, and Next Generation Leader.He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as Catalyst, Leadercast, Exchange, and the WCA Global Leadership Summit.

Andy and his wife, Sandra, have three grown children and live near Atlanta.


Newest Articles

  • Andy Stanley: Leading amid Uncertainty
    Subscriber Access OnlyAndy Stanley: Leading amid Uncertainty
    "As a leader it's okay to be uncertain; it's not okay to be unclear."
  • Andy Stanley: On Your Mark
    Subscriber Access OnlyAndy Stanley: On Your Mark
    "Living to make my mark is too small a thing for me to give my whole life to." Unfortunately many pastors are too focused on their own achievements rather than surrendering to God.
  • Andy Stanley: What Is No One Else Doing?
    Subscriber Access OnlyAndy Stanley: What Is No One Else Doing?
    At a Catalyst Conference a while back, Andy Stanley introduced the provocative concept: "To reach people no one else is reaching, we have to do things no one else is doing."
  • Andy Stanley: Great Leaders Aren't Great at Everything
    Subscriber Access OnlyAndy Stanley: Great Leaders Aren't Great at Everything
    Andy Stanley discusses how our fully developed strengths are more valuable to our churches and organizations than our marginally improved weaknesses.
  • Andy Stanley: Your Only Authority
    Subscriber Access OnlyAndy Stanley: Your Only Authority
    "Everybody is a volunteer." Since anyone can leave at any time depending on the authenticity of our moral authority, that is how we should see those we lead - even the paid employees.
  • Andy Stanley: Hearing Voices
    Subscriber Access OnlyAndy Stanley: Hearing Voices
    Leadership isn’t just about making decisions; it's about making good decisions. But that becomes increasingly difficult when we are isolated from others, or when we listen to the wrong voices in the decision making process.
  • Andy Stanley: System Failure
    Subscriber Access OnlyAndy Stanley: System Failure
    What causes people to change? What creates behavior? It may not be what you think.
  • Andy Stanley & Rick Warren: Compare and Despair
    Subscriber Access OnlyAndy Stanley & Rick Warren: Compare and Despair
    In a culture full of celebrity pastors, it is easy to compare yourself to others, but Rick Warren says it's a terrible mistake.
  • Andy Stanley: Leading with Clarity
    Subscriber Access OnlyAndy Stanley: Leading with Clarity
    When Moses died, Joshua inherited the responsibility of leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land. Unfortunately, Joshua didn't know anything about taking the land; all his education was in the fine art of wandering the desert.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyVision Leaks
    How do you keep the church's passion for ministry from deflating?


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