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When Do We Cross the Line into Plagiarism?

While there are gray areas, there are also black-and-white guidelines.

Friday Five Interview: Kevin DeYoung

Are young evangelicals taking seriously the pursuit of holiness? One author and pastor doesn't think so.

The Hansen Report: Comedy in the Pulpit

What will endure when the jokes go stale?

The Hansen Report: Reflections of a Recent Seminary Graduate

Grad school establishes ministry patterns that don't end on graduation day.

The Hansen Report: 5 Myths about Emerging Adult Religion

"Souls in Transition" offers cause for congratulations and consternation
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Collin Hansen

The Best Zoning Defense ...?

Battles between cities and churches over zoning are increasing. One congregation decided to sue preemptively.
he story of one church's struggle with a zoning issue and why they chose to file a lawsuit with the city.

The X Factor

What have we learned from the rise, decline, and renewal of "Gen-X" ministries?
Collin Hansen offers a thorough overview of the various ministries (successful and otherwise) that have been launched to target twenty-somethings.

The Hansen Report: The Day After

Election day is here, but what will tomorrow bring?
Every election brings changes, but our faith and hope should come from a higher power.

The Hansen Report: Calling Out Counterfeit Gods

Tim Keller banks on the recession to make Americans think about their idols.
Why the economic recession has prompted Americans to consider the idols they've erected. In this article, Collin Hansen shares thoughts from Tim Keller's book, Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope that Matters.

The Hansen Report: Is 26 the New 18?

What the health insurance reforms tell us about the new age of adult accountability.
When an increasing number of young people are relying on their parents's financial support longer, what might this mean for the church and ministries geared for twentysomethings?
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Reader's Pick
The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill

The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill

What can we learn from the collapse of Mark Driscoll's church?
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