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My Three Seasons of Faith and Work
Leadership Journal

My Three Seasons of Faith and Work

How farmers, scientists, teachers, doctors, and a furnace repair man taught me to see all callings as holy.
The People-Powered Pulpit
Leadership Journal : Online Only

The People-Powered PulpitSubscriber Access Only

How collaboration revolutionized my preaching.
Where I Find Refreshment
Leadership Journal

Where I Find RefreshmentSubscriber Access Only

How six ministers replenish their energy and refresh their spirits.

Separated at Birth?

Church leaders and their celebrity twins.
Putting Jesus Back in the Gospel
Leadership Journal

Putting Jesus Back in the GospelSubscriber Access Only

Review of Scot McKnight's 'The King Jesus Gospel'
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Our editors have compiled our best from this contributor from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

Dave Ferguson

The Multi-Site ChurchSubscriber Access Only

Some of the strengths of this new life form.
Dave Ferguson highlights the benefits of one church meeting in multiple locations.

Is Seminary Old School?Subscriber Access Only

4 pastors weigh the pros and cons of higher education.
Four pastors share their thoughts on whether seminary is essential for modern church leaders.

Apostles Today?

Rediscovering the gift that leaves churches and well-connected pastors in its wake.
Modern applications for the apostolic gift, and how current church structures can hinder its application.
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Editor's Pick
Why Wouldn't I?

Why Wouldn't I?

A haunting question that burns bright at Advent.
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