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John Piper's Son on Living in the Limelight.

An interview with Barnabas Piper.
PK Confidential
Leadership Journal

PK ConfidentialSubscriber Access Only

A review of 'The Pastor's Kid' by Barnabas Piper
The Rocky Road to Bethlehem
Leadership Journal

The Rocky Road to BethlehemSubscriber Access Only

Jason Meyer's calling to succeed John Piper at Bethlehem Baptist Church was clear but not easy.
Dancing in the Rain
Leadership Journal

Dancing in the Rain

Erwin McManus on how being "naked and unashamed" led to new faith, new life, and new believers.
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John Piper

What Kind of Preaching Produces Holiness?Subscriber Access Only

Genuine contrition for sin stems from a sorrow over one's lack of holiness. To produce holiness, preaching must create a genuine longing and love for God.
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Think You Had a Bad Day?

Think You Had a Bad Day?

10 things to remember from church history when you're discouraged in ministry.
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