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Must-Reads from Rick Warren

Our editors have compiled our best from this contributor from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

Rick Warren

Comprehensive Health PlanSubscriber Access Only

In this interview, Rick Warren shares why a church's health is more important than its growth and talks about what it takes to be a healthy pastor.

Giants in the LandSubscriber Access Only

Megachurches are waking up to address huge global and social issues, and smaller churches are making a big difference.
This article highlights the decisions by Rick Warren and Bill Hybels to refocus their efforts on social justice issues, including Warren's PEACE plan.

Biblical Authority & Today's Preacher

How much has changed over 50 years?
Referring back to an article Billy Graham wrote for the inaugural issue of Christianity Today, five preachers talk about how the perception of biblical authority has or hasn't changed.

Leader's Insight: What Difference Does Easter Make?

The Resurrection's effects on life and death.
Rick Warren identifies three reasons why Christ's resurrection matters.
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Editor's Pick
5 Good Ways to Welcome Strangers

5 Good Ways to Welcome Strangers

It’s not illegal to care for immigrants, whatever their status.
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