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The Freedom of Simple
Leadership Journal

The Freedom of SimpleSubscriber Access Only

And vocations beyond ‘ministries.’
Easy on the Ears?
Leadership Journal

Easy on the Ears?

Questions Are the Answer
Leadership Journal : Web Exclusives

Questions Are the AnswerSubscriber Access Only


Why We Published a "Gay Christian"

Pastoral reality is bigger than paint-by-numbers theology.
A Case for Shorter Sermons
Leadership Journal : Web Exclusives

A Case for Shorter SermonsSubscriber Access Only

Preachers: longer doesn't mean better.
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Skye Jethani

iChurch: All We Like SheepSubscriber Access Only

Is our insistence on choices leading us astray?
The church does not exist to supply comfort, ease, and convenient services to religious consumers. But sadly, this is what too many Christians are seeking.

A Better Way for Forward ThinkersSubscriber Access Only

Why the Church of Tomorrowland is looking backward.
IIn a time when people view the future with more anxiety than optimism, the church has the opportunity to present a message of hope.

Apostles Today?

Rediscovering the gift that leaves churches and well-connected pastors in its wake.
Modern applications for the apostolic gift, and how current church structures can hinder its application.

Stranded in Neverland

Consumerism addicts us to immediate gratification and perpetual youth, but the cross lifts us to a more satisfying joy.
Skye Jethani explains why our society's pervasive consumerism leads to spiritual immaturity. Instead of focusing on what we want, we should be more concerned with being formed into Christ's image.

Babies Are Us

How to guide a church toward spiritual maturity.
Like children, churches should be growing and maturing.
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Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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