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Does Grace Make Us Lazy?
Leadership Journal

Does Grace Make Us Lazy?Subscriber Access Only

If Jesus paid it all, what's left for me to do?
Give Me Law Or Give Me Death!
Leadership Journal : Online Only

Give Me Law Or Give Me Death!

What prompts our miserable flight from grace?
Navigating a Moral Crisis
Leadership Journal : Online Only

Navigating a Moral Crisis

When one of our leaders fell, it required a balanced, biblical response.
Blessed Self-Forgetfulness
Leadership Journal

Blessed Self-ForgetfulnessSubscriber Access Only

True growth happens when we take our eyes off ourselves.
Leadership Journal

Afraid of the Gospel?Subscriber Access Only

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Tullian Tchividjian

Biblical Authority & Today's Preacher

How much has changed over 50 years?
Referring back to an article Billy Graham wrote for the inaugural issue of Christianity Today, five preachers talk about how the perception of biblical authority has or hasn't changed.

Saved from SolitudeSubscriber Access Only

The community wins when churches work together.
When churches work together, everyone benefits.

The Everyday GospelSubscriber Access Only

Maturity doesn't mean moving beyond the gospel, but more deeply into it.
The gospel is so much more than just the message unbelievers need to hear.

Our Calling, Our SpheresSubscriber Access Only

Calling involves everything we are and everything we do.
For many Christians, living out one's calling does not require different actions, just different motives. Church leaders should not define a person's "calling" based solely on their involvement in church matters.

The Fragility of Unity

The effort to remove Tullian Tchividjian from Coral Ridge Presbyterian raises questions about how to heal after a conflict.
Using the much-publicized conflict surrounding Tullian Tchividjian and his church as its prime example, this article asks the question, "How should churches move beyond conflict?"
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When a Colleague Falls

When a Colleague FallsSubscriber Access Only

What's your role as a friend and colaborer?
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