Leadership Journal's "Conversations" provides a platform for church leaders with a variety of views to discuss important issues. While they don't always agree, they enter into dialogue with love and civility to help give you perspective and wisdom on today's key ministry topics.
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The Art of Giving Away Members
The Art of Giving Away Members
There’s a church in North Carolina that regularly sends members away to other churches—and survives.
The Relationally Grounded Pastor
The Relationally Grounded Pastor
An interview with Eugene Peterson
Preaching When Parched: our interview with the late, great Gardner C. Taylor
Preaching When Parched: our interview with the late, great Gardner C. Taylor
The preaching icon's reflections on desolate spirituality, "aridity," and the hope of home.
The Secret of Strategic Neglect
Subscriber Access OnlyThe Secret of Strategic Neglect
Bill Hybels on the keys to simpler and more effective leadership.
Changing Notions of Community
Guiding church in a time of declining attendance.
Leading in Prayer
Conversations | LJ Classic
Subscriber Access OnlyLeading in Prayer
Max Lucado talks about how good prayers shake the heavens and shape community.
Changing the Scorecard
Changing the Scorecard
Affirming everyone's vocation begins by changing the way we define ministry success.
Getting to 'Aha'
Subscriber Access OnlyGetting to 'Aha'
Kyle Idleman discusses three phases of transformation.
When Smaller Is Better
Subscriber Access OnlyWhen Smaller Is Better
Effective small church ministry starts with a clearer view of success.
Lou Huesmann: Changing the Scorecard
How one pastor is learning to steward Christian vocation.
What Do You Expect?
What Do You Expect?
If you set the bar low for church membership, don't be surprised when people fail to commit.
Faith and the Brain
Conversations | LJ Clasic
Subscriber Access OnlyFaith and the Brain
An interview with Dr. Andrew Newberg.
Signs of Life
Subscriber Access OnlySigns of Life
When Joel and Rachel Triska moved into the depressed neighborhood of Deep Ellum, they asked residents what they needed—then designed a community to meet those needs.
Dancing in the Rain
Subscriber Access OnlyDancing in the Rain
Erwin McManus on how being "naked and unashamed" led to new faith, new life, and new believers.
Farewell Franchise Ministry
Conversations | LJ Classic
Farewell Franchise Ministry
Why is megachurch pastor John Mark Comer ditching conventional church-growth wisdom? Two words: mission and millennials.
No More One-Man Band
Subscriber Access OnlyNo More One-Man Band
Larry Osborne and Chris Brown on the payoffs and pitfalls of transitioning to shared leadership.
A Tough Act to Follow
A conversation with Jonathan Falwell.
Subscriber Access OnlyHave you ever questioned your calling?
Five pastors respond.
Unity in Diversity
Kevin Gushiken on multiethnic ministry
Ministry Strong
Subscriber Access OnlyMinistry Strong
Pete Briscoe on pursuing spiritual, relational, and physical vigor.
Displaying 1–20 of 79 Articles
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May 22, 2015Seeing God on the Silver Screen Seeing God on the Silver Screen
An interview with Kevin Harvey on how engaging pop culture might be the best way to share the gospel.

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