"I read Leadership Journal from cover to cover because of its fresh perspective on ancient truths. Leadership Journal is a great traveling companion for me as I look at the world with new eyes."
—Dave Gibbons, New Song Church, Irvine, California

"Reading Leadership Journal is like being invited into a lively conversation. You won't always agree. But the ideas and viewpoints will keep buzzing in your ears. And as you listen to and are sharpened by the diverse voices represented in its pages, you'll be helped to find your own voice to lead others."
—Joshua Harris, senior pastor at Covenant Life, Gaithersburg, Maryland

"Leadership Journal has been the premier magazine for leaders across the world for three decades. And for good reason; it has managed to stay methodologically innovative, culturally edgy, and theologically stimulating. No mean feat. I highly recommend it."
—Alan Hirsch, founding director of Forge Mission Training Network

"Leadership Journal keeps me in touch with the best practices in the church world. It makes me smarter, deeper, and more effective."
—John Ortberg, senior pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, a 4,000-member church with campuses in Menlo Park, Mountain View, and San Mateo, California.

"I've been reading Leadership Journal for as long as I have been a pastor. Old and new issues are mixed throughout my shelves. I reference them over and over again. Leadership has been, and remains, a helpful partner on my ministry journey."
-Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research, Nashville, Tennessee

"I've been reading Leadership Journal over 20 years — my entire pastoral tenure, to be exact. It's like a resident sage: wise, gracious, silent until called upon, and then ready to answer my deepest conundrums and sort out my hairiest predicaments, all while putting no strain on the food budget. I wish all wisdom came this cheap."
— Mark Buchanan, New Life Community Church, Duncan, British Columbia

"I have been reading Leadership Journal from the very first week I started on a church staff. I have grown up with Leadership, the way a person has a band he connects with and relates to throughout his life. Leadership has been part of shaping what I do and who I am as a church leader."
- Dan Kimball, Vintage Faith Church, Santa Cruz, California

"Leadership Journal joins a wide network of passionate and thoughtful leaders. It brings out the very best current thinking on ministry. It always stretches me further into God and into my own leadership."
- Mindy Caliguire, director of transformation ministry for the Willow Creek Association

"Leadership Journal provides me with insight into what it means to be a pastor and leader ... in the tension, joys and issues of ministry. It helps keep me aware of what is happening in the ministry world, as well as tools, theological trends, and important inner-life lessons learned by leaders on the front lines. The broad range of topics it covers keeps me wanting to read it. It's a helpful ally in the work God called me to."
—Rick McKinley, founding pastor of Imago Dei Community in Portland, Oregon; professor of Pastoral Ministry at Multnomah Seminary.

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