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  • Leadership Journal is the premier publication for today's church leaders.

  • Out of Ur Blog: This blog from Leadership Journal is where you can join a lively conversation about the intersection of faithful ministry and popular culture. And those two worlds often collide in unexpected ways. The name "Out of Ur," of course, refers to the situation where the patriarch Abraham found himself in Genesis. Abraham had been living in Ur of the Chaldees, but God called him to follow—even when he didn't know where he was going. Abraham eventually made it to a whole new land where his descendants would become a great nation. But all Abraham knew was that, to be faithful to the voice of God, he had to get "out of Ur" and pursue God even when he didn't know where he would end up. That's also the vision for our blog. We are following God, and we know we can't stay where we were, and the future isn't completely clear, but we will continue on the journey with God, regardless of how strange and awkward and stressful it might be.

  • Other Resources for leaders in our media family include: BuildingChurchLeaders.com, PreachingToday.com, and ChurchLawAndTax.com. Use these fresh and actionable resources to serve your church effectively.

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