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  • Leadership Journal is the premier publication for today's church leaders.
  • PARSE, produced by Leadership Journal editors, provides insight and analysis on ministry and culture from a Christian perspective. We tell the stories that shape modern thought and life. Our writers engage technology, theology, the arts, ethics, evangelism, popular media, international justice, church trends, and out-of-the-way stories of note.
  • Gifted for Leadership is a free monthly email newsletter, a blog, and a growing collection of downloads, all created to equip, encourage, challenge, and unite women who exercise leadership gifts in church ministry. GFL is building a community of women with leadership gifts who can challenge and partner one another and grow together.
  • Other Resources for leaders in our media family include: BuildingChurchLeaders.com, PreachingToday.com, and ChurchLawAndTax.com. Use these fresh and actionable resources to serve your church effectively.
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Editor's Pick
The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal Daughter

What I said when a pastor friend asked me to preach after his daughter strayed.
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