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Helping elders look beyond just the business aspects of ministry.
The most valuable result of an evaluation is not the completion of the process, it's the outcome.

Andy Stanley & Rick Warren: Compare and Despair

In a culture full of celebrity pastors, it is easy to compare yourself to others, but Rick Warren says it's a terrible mistake.

Eugene Cho: Rescued from Greed

Have you ever made a commitment to God only to discover it was far more difficult to fulfill than you anticipated?

Naomi Zacharias & Bethany Hoang: Fighting Sex Trafficking

Helping the victims of injustice may be compassionate, bur pursuing real justice means changing the system that perpetrated the injustice to begin with.

Andy Stanley: I can't get no…Subscriber Access Only

Although sin distorts our appetites, God created them.

Phil Vischer: He Who Has God and Many Things ...

Sometimes God just wants to know that he's still more important than your dream.

Phil Vischer: God Doesn't Need You to Spaz Out in His Name

Maybe sometimes, God wants you to be still instead.

Andy Crouch: All Flourishing Requires Risk

Are you an image bearer, or are you in poverty, safety or idolatry?

Tom Nelson: Beginning with Vocation

We have an integral God who is an integral worker.

Andy Stanley: Hearing Voices

Leadership isn’t just about making decisions; it's about making good decisions. But that becomes increasingly difficult when we are isolated from others, or when we listen to the wrong voices in the decision making process.

Christine Cain: passion deficiencySubscriber Access Only

Do we care about the things that God cares about?

Katie Davis: Grafted into God's FamilySubscriber Access Only

Adoption is our redemptive response to the tragedy of sin.

Rudy Rasmus: Lessons in Aisle OneSubscriber Access Only

In our pursuit of transformation, we must not forget that love comes first.

Amy Sherman: It's More Than Evangelism

It's not about what 'kind' of banker you are.

Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Theology of Work

Why don't more churches proclaim a theology that celebrates vocation?

Displaying 1 – 15 of 105 ARTICLES

Page 123...7
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Changing Notions of Community

Changing Notions of Community

Guiding church in a time of declining attendance.
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