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"That went exactly like the strategic plan said it would."
Successful small church ministry starts with a new definition of success.

Andy Stanley: Take CourageSubscriber Access Only

Andy Stanley discusses how the actions of one person can become the tipping point for change.

Andy Stanley: Leading with Clarity

When Moses died, Joshua inherited the responsibility of leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land. Unfortunately, Joshua didn't know anything about taking the land; all his education was in the fine art of wandering the desert.

Francis Chan: Casting All AnxietiesSubscriber Access Only

God invites us to cast our anxieties upon him.

Priscilla Shirer: The Power of Being PresentSubscriber Access Only

Don't miss what God has for you.

John Maxwell: There's No Shortcut to a Legacy

Don't seek fame. Seek faithfulness.

Jessica Jackley: Massive Guilt vs. Micro FinanceSubscriber Access Only

Jessica Jackley encourages Christians to help the poor in ways that bring about real change.

Donald Miller: Getting Bitter or Getting BetterSubscriber Access Only

How will you respond to pain and injustice?

Amy Sherman: Secular Jobs Don't Make Second-Class Christians

The way we talk about the workplace can determine the way we disciple our congregation.

Skye Jethani: The Two Creation Mandates

God gave man two mandates: one was marital—but the first one was cultural.

Mark Driscoll: Jesus Is the Senior Pastor

We all know that Jesus is the head of the church, but what if we gave him the title of "senior pastor" as well?

Austin Gutwein: Hoops of Hope

Even the youngest members of the church can be used powerfully by God. How can we empower more of them to pursue their ideas?

Mark Batterson: Postmodern Wells

Jesus met with people at wells, and today's church needs to look for opportunities to encounter culture, too.

Craig Groeschel: Pastoral Practical Atheists

It was a chronic problem for the people of Israel. They honored God with their actions and rituals, but their hearts were far from him. Have we fallen into the same trap?

Dave Gibbons: The Rabbinical Way

Most churches pursue spiritual formation in a didactic way. We assess a person's strengths and then expect them to engage a series of classes that will, we hope, lead to maturity. But, what if we could customize a discipleship journey for each member of our church?

Displaying 1 – 15 of 82 ARTICLES

Page 123...6
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