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Andy Stanley: Leading amid Uncertainty

"As a leader it's okay to be uncertain; it's not okay to be unclear."

Malcolm Gladwell: Prisoners of Overconfidence

The financial crisis that rocked the global economy has made many people long for bold, decisive leadership. But Malcolm Gladwell says we need precisely the opposite.

Mark Driscoll: Jesus Is the Senior Pastor

We all know that Jesus is the head of the church, but what if we gave him the title of "senior pastor" as well?

Francis Chan: Turning up the Heat

Are you willing to call people to the same level of commitment that Jesus did, even if it means a smaller crowd?

Steven Furtick: If You Feed Them, They Will Come

It's easy to trust God in the Promised Land. But how do we feel while we're lost in the desert?

Catherine Rohr: Setting the Prisoners Free

Many of us pledge to surrender ourselves entirely to Christ, but what does that really mean?

Gary Haugen: God's Plan for Justice

Being the "light of the world," Christians are God's plan for social justice - a plan that carries with it both duty and privilege.

Dave Ramsey: Dealing with Our Stuff

Do you know how to turn conflict and confrontation into positive change in your church?

Jud Wilhite: Leading in God's Love

As church leaders we are called to preach and extend the love of God. But do we experience it ourselves?

Andy Stanley: Leading with Clarity

When Moses died, Joshua inherited the responsibility of leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land. Unfortunately, Joshua didn't know anything about taking the land; all his education was in the fine art of wandering the desert.

Austin Gutwein: Hoops of Hope

Even the youngest members of the church can be used powerfully by God. How can we empower more of them to pursue their ideas?

Donald Miller & Rick McKinley: Power to the People

In many churches the leadership seeks to gather people into programs and motivate them to serve. But is there another way?

Andy Stanley & Rick Warren: Compare and Despair

In a culture full of celebrity pastors, it is easy to compare yourself to others, but Rick Warren says it's a terrible mistake.

Mark Batterson: Postmodern Wells

Jesus met with people at wells, and today's church needs to look for opportunities to encounter culture, too.

Dino Rizzo: Prison Culture

Pastor Dino Rizzo says, "If it's a problem in our community, then it's a problem for us as a church."

Displaying 1 – 15 of 140 ARTICLES

Page 123...10
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The Prodigal Daughter

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