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"That went exactly like the strategic plan said it would."

Andy Stanley: Take CourageSubscriber Access Only

Andy Stanley discusses how the actions of one person can become the tipping point for change.

Catherine Rohr: Setting the Prisoners Free

Many of us pledge to surrender ourselves entirely to Christ, but what does that really mean?

Gary Haugen: God's Plan for Justice

Being the "light of the world," Christians are God's plan for social justice - a plan that carries with it both duty and privilege.

Amy Sherman: Vocation is Not Incidental

We're here to offer the world a foretaste of the Kingdom of God.

Eugene Cho: Rescued from Greed

Have you ever made a commitment to God only to discover it was far more difficult to fulfill than you anticipated?

Andy Stanley: I can't get no…Subscriber Access Only

Although sin distorts our appetites, God created them.

Phil Vischer: He Who Has God and Many Things ...

Sometimes God just wants to know that he's still more important than your dream.

Andy Stanley: Leading with Clarity

When Moses died, Joshua inherited the responsibility of leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land. Unfortunately, Joshua didn't know anything about taking the land; all his education was in the fine art of wandering the desert.

Francis Chan: Casting All AnxietiesSubscriber Access Only

God invites us to cast our anxieties upon him.

Priscilla Shirer: The Power of Being PresentSubscriber Access Only

Don't miss what God has for you.

John Maxwell: There's No Shortcut to a Legacy

Don't seek fame. Seek faithfulness.

Malcolm Gladwell: Prisoners of Overconfidence

The financial crisis that rocked the global economy has made many people long for bold, decisive leadership. But Malcolm Gladwell says we need precisely the opposite.

Andy Stanley: Your Only Authority

"Everybody is a volunteer." Since anyone can leave at any time depending on the authenticity of our moral authority, that is how we should see those we lead - even the paid employees.

Displaying 1 – 15 of 83 ARTICLES

Page 123...6
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High Anxiety

High Anxiety

My struggle with anxiety and fear no longer defines me.
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