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Save "Missional"
Becoming a community that demonstrates and shares the gospel of Jesus.

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Ideas That Work

Ideas That WorkSubscriber Access Only

Innovative practices from around the ministry world.
The Wandering Gospel

The Wandering GospelSubscriber Access Only

A reflection on the universal beauty of the body of Christ.
That Mysterious Gospel

That Mysterious GospelSubscriber Access Only

Studying Acts changed my view of sharing the good news.
The Grassroots Pastor

The Grassroots PastorSubscriber Access Only

Do you need a flock to shepherd souls?
Lou Huesmann: Changing the Scorecard

Lou Huesmann: Changing the Scorecard

How one pastor is learning to steward Christian vocation.
Preventing Suicide

Preventing SuicideSubscriber Access Only

An interview with Karen Mason
'Nones' Are Your Business

'Nones' Are Your BusinessSubscriber Access Only

A review of 'The Rise of the Nones' by James Emery White
Why I Gave Back My Assurance of Salvation

Why I Gave Back My Assurance of Salvation

The hope of the world is in a person, not a formula.
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Our editors have compiled our best on Missional topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

Defining Missional

The word is everywhere, but where did it come from and what does it really mean?
What it means to be "missional," and why it's so important.
Missional Shift or Drift?

Missional Shift or Drift?

Research shows that pastors' views of the gospel and mission are changing. But should we celebrate or repent?
700 evangelical pastors were asked to assess how their perceptions of the gospel and mission had changed in the last decade. The results show a clear shift in attitudes and beliefs.
Dangers of Missionalism

Dangers of Missionalism

Even the best causes can become cold, prideful, and all-consuming.
Gordon MacDonald defines missionalism as the belief that the worth of one's life is determined by the achievement of a grand objective, cautioning leaders against being consumed by an otherwise worthy cause.
Missional: Possible

Missional: Possible

Steps to transform a consumer church into a missional church.
Want your church to be more "missional"? This article reveals what leaders need to do to make it happen.
An Efficient Gospel?

An Efficient Gospel?

The modern world was inclined toward reduction, efficiency, and things you can count.
Tim Keel identifies what's missing from an oversimplified gospel message, including the reality that salvation starts now.
Editor's Pick
A Tale of Two Weekends

A Tale of Two Weekends

What can preachers learn from professional storytellers?
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