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How churches are engaging with the culture around them.

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La influencia hispana crece en la fe y en la vida nacional
Future Studies

Future StudiesSubscriber Access Only

And other items of interest from ministry and culture.
Faith and the Brain

Faith and the BrainSubscriber Access Only

An interview with Dr. Andrew Newberg.
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Our editors have compiled our best on Trends & Research topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

Is the Era of Age Segmentation Over?

Is the Era of Age Segmentation Over?

A researcher argues that the future of youth ministry will require bringing the generations together.
A researcher argues that the future of youth ministry will require bringing the generations together.
Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing

Is a relaxed attitude toward alcohol among clergy leading to a new battle over prohibition?
Eric Reed suggests that the prohibitionist's argument is not dead, even in the age of barstool Bible studies. Why some pastors are advocating an increased awareness of alcohol-related issues.
Return to Ritual

Return to Ritual

Three churches find new meaning in old ways.
These three churches have discovered that liturgy reconnects the church with historic Christianity and unites the church members in the process.
What's Changing, What's Not

What's Changing, What's NotSubscriber Access Only

The trends that will be impacting your ministry in the year ahead.
An overview of the latest trends, trends we expect next, and the things that should be trends (but aren't yet).
5 Kinds of Christians

5 Kinds of ChristiansSubscriber Access Only

Understanding the disparity of those who call themselves Christian in America.
Even though the majority of Americans might claim to be "Christians," they don't all share the same definition. These survey results suggest there are at least five common types of "Christians."
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Where is God on Monday?

Where is God on Monday?Subscriber Access Only

Equipping the church for faith at work.
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