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Save "Money"
Managing and raising money is foundational to ministry.

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Split The Tithe

Split The Tithe

Give half to the church and half to missions.
Follow the Money Trail

Follow the Money TrailSubscriber Access Only

How churches can be more open with their finances.
One Scale of Spiritual Maturity

One Scale of Spiritual MaturitySubscriber Access Only

How we handle money says a lot about how we relate to others, and to God.
Why I Won't Give to Your Church

Why I Won't Give to Your ChurchSubscriber Access Only

An honest letter from a Millennial believer.
Developing a Culture of Contentment

Developing a Culture of Contentment

Jeff Manion on taking appropriate financial risk and cultivating a generous spirit.
Tithing: Law or a Grace?

Tithing: Law or a Grace?Subscriber Access Only

The place of giving in the gospel.
Swim with the Big Fish (without getting swallowed)

Swim with the Big Fish (without getting swallowed)Subscriber Access Only

Ministry to big givers takes boldness and discernment.
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Our editors have compiled our best on Money topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

God, Money, and the Pastor

God, Money, and the PastorSubscriber Access Only

This roundtable discussion focuses on the pastor's role in church capital campaigns, encouraging tithing, promoting stewardship, and how much pastors should know about the giving patterns of specific members.
Giving Is for Everyone

Giving Is for Everyone

How to teach generosity across the economic spectrum.
This article dismisses the idea that some people are givers and others are spenders. Both the wealthy and the poor are called to give generously.
How Your Church Feels About Money

How Your Church Feels About MoneySubscriber Access Only

Gary Fenton outlines five models of financial management he has observed in churches and explains why it's necessary for pastors to understand which business principles matter most to their community.
A Budget Primer For Young Pastors

A Budget Primer For Young PastorsSubscriber Access Only

Applying several fundamental principles can take some of the uncertainty out of church finances.
Financial problems can be devastating for any church, which is why all pastors should have at least a basic understanding of budgeting principles. This helpful overview outlines the financial considerations that should be part of the budgeting process.
What Is "Biblical" Giving?

What Is "Biblical" Giving?Subscriber Access Only

A diversity of giving styles are illustrated in Scripture—not just one.
Fred Smith highlights examples of giving found in the Bible, emphasizing that God has given each of us a personal style for giving.
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Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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