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Decision Making

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How to make good decisions, whether as an individual or as a group.

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Deciding Together

Deciding TogetherSubscriber Access Only

We assume life's biggest choices should be left to individuals, but Christians must find another way.
Three Rooms With a View

Three Rooms With a ViewSubscriber Access Only

The right kind of creativity brings clarity to ministry confusion.
Discerning God's Will

Discerning God's WillSubscriber Access Only

And more helpful tools from Christianity Today
The Good Missionary

The Good Missionary

An African orphan on what he loves (and doesn't) about short-term mission teams.
Do You Ever Refuse a Prayer Request?

Do You Ever Refuse a Prayer Request?Subscriber Access Only

Sometimes people's wishes run counter to God's painful path of transformation.
Discerning Is Only the Beginning

Discerning Is Only the Beginning

When God called our church to relocate, we thought the transition would be smooth. Boy, were we wrong.
The Discerning Leader

The Discerning Leader

Honing your sensitivity to the Spirit


More helpful tools for transition
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Our editors have compiled our best on Decision Making topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

Secrets to Making Great Decisions

Secrets to Making Great DecisionsSubscriber Access Only

Fred Smith shares 10 questions leaders should ask themselves when facing a difficult decision.
Why Deciding Is Only Half the Battle

Why Deciding Is Only Half the BattleSubscriber Access Only

After a decision is made, leaders must not overlook all the essential steps necessary to prepare for and communicate the change.
Can You Hear God Now?

Can You Hear God Now?

Your most important leadership role: discerning and obeying God's voice. Together.
Ruth Haley Barton explains why it is important for church leaders to discern God's will for their ministry.
Making Decisions

Making DecisionsSubscriber Access Only

In this interview, Carl F. George discusses the art of making sound decisions, including the mistakes commonly made by pastors.

The Uncertain LeaderSubscriber Access Only

You can't always be sure, but you'd better be clear.
Andy Stanley stresses the importance of leading confidently even in the midst of uncertainty.
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Easy on the Ears?

Easy on the Ears?

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