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Ministry demands fresh thinking and willingness to risk.

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Surprising Benefits of Failure

Surprising Benefits of Failure

Success comes from multiple attempts
Farewell Franchise Ministry

Farewell Franchise Ministry

Why is megachurch pastor John Mark Comer ditching conventional church-growth wisdom? Two words: mission and millennials.
No More One-Man Band

No More One-Man Band

Larry Osborne and Chris Brown on the payoffs and pitfalls of transitioning to shared leadership.
Unlikely Successor

Unlikely SuccessorSubscriber Access Only

He was a buttoned down statesman. I was half his age, with dreadlocks and a beard. What would happen when I replaced him?
Change Is Constant

Change Is Constant

... and bittersweet.
Social Tools, Better Leadership

Social Tools, Better Leadership

You know you should be using social media more effectively. Here's how.
Beyond Answer Man

Beyond Answer ManSubscriber Access Only

What happens when eternal questions fill the room?
Leading Online

Leading OnlineSubscriber Access Only

Seven ways to use social media in ministry.
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Our editors have compiled our best on Innovation topics from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

One Small Step for a Church ...

One Small Step for a Church ...Subscriber Access Only

One giant lesson about introducing new ideas.
Gordon MacDonald considers the innovations the church has experienced in recent years and wonders whether these efforts have generated the desired results.
Adding Creativity Without Losing the Congregation

Adding Creativity Without Losing the CongregationSubscriber Access Only

Creativity keeps worship fresh, but change often meets resistance. Incorporating these creative changes wisely can create meaningful worship experiences.

A Better Way for Forward ThinkersSubscriber Access Only

Why the Church of Tomorrowland is looking backward.
IIn a time when people view the future with more anxiety than optimism, the church has the opportunity to present a message of hope.
Handing Your Baby to Barbarians

Handing Your Baby to BarbariansSubscriber Access Only

Why your brightest ideas aren't always warmly embraced.
A congregation will rarely share the pastor's enthusiasm for his latest innovation, but the way one presents the change makes a huge difference.
Reader's Pick
What I Learned in the Fire

What I Learned in the Fire

When pastoring a church plant became a living hell, I thought I was done with ministry.
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